I'm an NYC based apparel designer with a growing repertoire of experience. My design and technical skills include knitwear, hard and soft wovens, cut & sew knits, graphics, and activewear. I was taught to knit at an early age, and knitwear has grown into a predominant passion in my personal and professional lives. Balls of yarn and swatches can be found in the smallest nooks and crannies in all corners of my world.  

My strengths include a strong work ethic, determination, a sense of humor, and a unique blend of creativity and a business-oriented thought process. I am incredibly passionate about what I do, and it is my goal to reflect that in whatever medium is presented. 

Fashion has always been a reflection of culture: a living, breathing art. I believe sustainable practices are at the forefront of our time. My hope is that integrity and humanity can be returned to clothing and the industry that brings it to fruition. Whether it's through inspiration, production cycles, or end use, I look forward to making clothes that are designed for life. Here's to clothing that is made with love, to be loved.